Enjoying Nature in Saint-Malo Enjoying Nature in Saint-Malo
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Plage du Môle (Beach of the Mole)

Fort de la Latte to Cap Fréhel Walk 6094Free parking

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Prepare in advance
Prepare in advance

Check local websites for hours of operation.

Good to know
Good to know

We went during the shoulder season (the time between peak and off-peak seasons) and had a great time exploring with little to no crowds, but experienced a good amount of rain. Weather should be better in summer, but also more crowded.

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The Brittany region of France is well known for its beautiful and wild coastline. Families with kids will love being surrounded by both nature and history as they take in all the wonderful sights around them. Both the beach at Plage du Môle and the walk to Fort La Latte are great for children to explore and run around and parents will love all the gorgeous photo opportunities! For those who want to explore France outside of Paris, a Saint-Malo family vacation is perfect!
Plage du Môle (Beach of the Mole)

Plage du Môle (Beach of the Mole)

2 Rue Guy Louvel, Saint-Malo
The beaches at Saint-Malo are simply stunning. The water is turquoise with dramatic rocks nearby and the soft sand is perfect for building sand castles. During low tide, there are many tide pools full of little crabs, snails and other creatures. Families will also enjoy the plentiful seashells that cover the beach. Our nuggets loved splashing in empty puddles and searching tide pools. Parents will love the gorgeous views and beautiful photo opportunities.
DIRECTIONS From inside the old city of Saint-Malo, walk along the ramparts for beautiful views of the city and seaside and make sure to descend once you're near La Poterne d'Estrées. There will be several openings in the walls that will allow you access to the beach.
TIP We visited in the fall and it was rainy and windy at times. If traveling in the slower season, be prepared for the weather by bringing rain jackets and rain boots. While we never visited in the summer, we've heard it's a wonderful time, although rather busy.
Fort de la Latte to Cap Fréhel Walk 6094
Free parking
This is an easy, flat walk that will take families either toward the fort (if they stick right at the fork) or toward a lighthouse (if they choose left.) Our family decided to go toward the right because it is a shorter walk. You also get a better view of the fort. The walk is lined with thick shrubs and some fencing, making it a safe walk for children while everyone enjoys gorgeous views of the nearby cliffs and ocean. In the summer, families will find beautiful wildflowers and in the fall they'll find beautiful, dramatic skies. Kids will enjoy getting their energy out while running around looking for peeks of the fort and lighthouse while parents will love the nice walk while immersed in beautiful nature. If families have extra time (and if it's open), they can visit Fort La Latte to see inside (I've heard it's a really great place to visit with kids!)
DIRECTIONS From Saint-Malo, take D168 to D786 to D117 by car and park at the free parking lot at Fort La Latte. The trailhead is just across from the parking lot and should mention either Walk 6094 or GR34 on the sign. The drive should take about 1 hour and is perfect for your nugget to get in an afternoon nap after playing at the beach all morning.
TIP While the walk is fairly flat, make sure all are wearing proper walking shoes. Also, be prepared for rain by bringing or wearing proper clothing.
Hotel Ajoncs d'Or

Hotel Ajoncs d'Or

10 Rue des Forgeurs, Saint-Malo
Free Wi-FiRoom service
WE LOVEDThe hotel was ideally located in the old city, close to the beach. The staff was friendly and our room was the perfect size for our family, with 1 queen bed, 1 twin bed, and plenty of space for our travel crib. The breakfast was also incredible. We had the best crȇpes I've eaten in France, which were loaded with local Bretagne caramel. The hotel itself was very pretty and clean.
TIPParking is hard to come by in Saint-Malo, but this hotel provided safe, private parking for a small fee per day.
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