Family Fun in Cape Town, South Africa
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1/2 Day 2-4 yrs old Includes playground Includes playground

Low-key fun, Outdoor exploring, Beautiful sea views, Cappuccino from a local café, Amazing playgrounds, Ice cream at the park, Birdwatching along the promenade, Picnic in the park

Clearwater Beach Fun
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Full Day 2-4 yrs old Stroller accessible Stroller accessible

Great family beach, Ice cream, Lots of restaurant choices, Everything within walking distance, Eating ice cream, Swimming in the ocean, Playground at Pier 60, Watching the pirate ship sail

A Dalyan Day Trip: Boats, Beaches, Blue Crabs and Mud Baths

Full Day 1-3 yrs old Includes boat ride Includes boat ride

Amazing family time, Beautiful views of Dalyan and surrounding areas, Great food, Friendliness of local Dalyan people, Sea turtles, Catching crabs off the boat, Getting muddy at the Mud Baths, Driving the boat with the captain, The sense of adventure

Nugget Staffpick
An Outdoor Experience at Burchfield Park
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1/2 Day 3-4 yrs old Nature lovers Nature lovers

Plethora of activities, Affordable park entrance, Views of the woods and river from trails, Playground, Hiking along the trails, Looking for deer, squirrels and birds