Fun Things to do in Copenhagen: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Full Day 10-12 yrs old Art & design lovers Art & design lovers

Seaside location, Danish artist, Poul Gernes, Salmon smørrebrød, Sculpture Park, Train ride, Walking through the woods to the museum, Mini strawberry pies, Souvenir art projects

Nugget Staffpick
A Family Day in Southbank London
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Full Day 10-12 yrs old Drinks included Drinks included

Views above London, The houses of Parliament, Peek inside Westminster abbey, , London Eye, riding a red double decker bus, cildo meireles 'Babel' tower, cheese and dessert at Tate Modern

Visiting Stonehenge for the First Time with Kids
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Full Day 10-12 yrs old (Tour) guide included (Tour) guide included

landscape outside of London, history lessons, photo opportunities, coach bus ride, how gigantic Stonehenge is, audio of Stonehenge, shopping for stones in Bath marketplace, having ice cream for the bus ride

Kids Day Off in Copenhagen: Nyhavn, Tivoli and Lego

Full Day 10-12 yrs old Multigenerational Multigenerational

city architecture, Latin Quarter, Tivoli Beer Garden, people watching, The mazes at Hercules Garden, Cotton candy, roller coasters, Lego flagship store

Copenhagen Castle, Vikings and the Glyptoteket

Full Day 10-12 yrs old Rainy-day option Rainy-day option

learning Danish history, visiting castle ruins, indoor architecture, greek "gods" gazing at you, Winter Garden at the Glyptotek, getting on a Viking ship, Rodin's Thinker, Degas' ballerina, Christiansborg Palace giftshop, story of princess prisoner at Christiansborg Castle