Yachats: Oregon’s Best Beach Town Yachats: Oregon’s Best Beach Town
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Green SalmonBathroomFree parkingRainy-day option

Yachats Beach TownStroller friendlyFree parking

Luna Sea Fish HouseBathroomHigh chairToys/kid’s activities (e.g.  crayons, books, etc.)Rainy-day option

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Recommended time of the year
Recommended time of the year

Yachats is foggy many months of the year, with September and October being the best times to visit. Although, it was quite gray and misty when we visited towards the end of October.

About This Day

When planning a Pacific Coast road trip, one might find it easy to overlook Yachats on Oregon's coast. However, miss out on Yachats and you'll miss out on one of the best Oregon beach towns. It may not be well-known, but one visit to this cozy coastal town with its culinary delights, and you will be sold. As with many Oregon beach towns, Yachats offers a beautiful backdrop for photographers with its stunning views and gorgeous shoreline. Moreover, nature enthusiasts and seafood lovers have nothing to fear, Yachats has you covered. If planning an overnight stay, spend the night at The Drift Inn; we stayed in the Mermaid Haven room. Its cozy rooms and excellent proximity to beaches and restaurants makes it an ideal spot. In the morning, make your way to the Green Salmon, just across the street from the inn. The food is very tasty, fresh and organic, and the atmosphere is incredibly cozy. This is a kind of place you won't want to leave on a rainy day. After your tummies are satisfied, head out to discover why Yachats has the best beaches in Oregon for families. With its basalt shoreline, tide pools, trails and more, exploration and adventure await. Next, after some fun and photography, satisfy that lunch craving at Luna Sea Fish House. Located right along the beach, Luna's serves fresh seafood, locally harvested by the owners themselves. Its famous chowder and fish and chips are delectable. If you're looking for a great spot on Oregon's coast, head to Yachats with the kids. This coastal town will not disappoint.  
Green Salmon

Green Salmon

220 U.S. 101, Yachats
BathroomFree parkingRainy-day option
Green Salmon is now one of my favorite breakfast memories. This place serves an immense variety of organic and fair trade coffees and teas, sandwiches, soups and baked goods, just to name a few. With its warm interior, wooden community tables, friendly staff and locals who come to meet and chat and read the paper, this place is pretty irresistible. On those rainy Pacific mornings, this cozy place, with its views of the ocean and the charm of Yachats, is very difficult to leave.
DIRECTIONS Heading south on Highway 101, this place is on the left side in the center of town.
Yachats Beach Town

Yachats Beach Town

219 West 2nd Street, Yachats
Stroller friendlyFree parking
The shoreline in Oregon is jaw-dropping beautiful. From the steep cliffs to the massive rock formations sticking out of the roaring foamy waves of the Pacific, the topography here is quite extraordinary. It is really difficult to put the camera away. If you get lucky and come to Yachats on a clear day, you will have some incredible shots to take home.
DIRECTIONS From Green Salmon, cross the street to the ocean and walk toward the water.
Luna Sea Fish House

Luna Sea Fish House

153 U.S. 101, Yachats
BathroomHigh chairToys/kid’s activities (e.g.  crayons, books, etc.)Rainy-day option
Luna Sea Fish House serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The interior is very simple and comfortable, and the staff is incredibly warm and welcoming. The seafood here is locally harvested by the owners. Its famous dish is the clam chowder called Slumgullion, which was the best chowder we've ever tasted. We also enjoyed their fish and chips and organic bean burrito.
DIRECTIONS This seafood restaurant is basically right on the beach. We stumbled upon it while we were checking out the ocean.
The Drift Inn

The Drift Inn

124 U.S. 101, Yachats
Near grocery storeFree parkingFree Wi-Fi
WE LOVEDOur room, the Mermaid Haven, was very cozy, had a unique layout and one of the prettiest bathrooms we've ever seen. The location is ideal for walking to the beach and all the restaurants.
STAYED19 October, 2017 with 3 year old

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