Dinosaurs and Croissants in Berlin Dinosaurs and Croissants in Berlin
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Röststätte BerlinBathroomRainy-day option

Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin Natural History Museum)BathroomChanging tableStroller friendlyRainy-day option

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What to do in Berlin with kids on a rainy day? The Museum für Naturkunde (aka Berlin Natural History Museum) is the best place to be. Start your day with delicious coffee and freshly baked croissants at Röststätte Berlin then venture over to the museum. At the Berlin Natural History Museum, you’ll find plenty of dinosaurs, including a T-Rex named Tristan. It’s the perfect itinerary for dinosaur-loving children of all ages.
Röststätte Berlin

Röststätte Berlin

173 Ackerstraße, Berlin
BathroomRainy-day option
This lovely café grinds its own coffee beans and bakes fabulous croissants. The freshly baked croissants with apricot jam were so good we had to have a second batch.
Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin Natural History Museum)
BathroomChanging tableStroller friendlyRainy-day option
The Berlin Natural History Museum’s main attraction is the dinosaurs - especially the full skeleton of a T-Rex called Tristan. But there are a lot of animals on display and other really good exhibitions for families and kids.
DIRECTIONS Take the U-Bahn to Oranienburger Tor. The museum is a short walk from there.
TIP Keep your eyes out for stationary binoculars next to some of the dinosaur skeletons. When you look through the binoculars, the dinos come alive and walk around in their natural habitat.

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