Golden Gardens Beach Break Golden Gardens Beach Break
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Golden Gardens ParkBathroomStroller friendlyWheelchair friendlyFree parking

Un BienStroller friendlyWheelchair friendlyFree parking

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Good to know
Good to know

In summer, sunrise is around 5 a.m., so it is already high in the sky, and warm, early in the morning. There are some places that provide shade but they are not on the water. Make sure to bring sunscreen and an umbrella for coverage There is plenty of parking but some can be a little walk away. There is also a wetsuit rental nearby.

Recommended day/time
Recommended day/time

Mornings are gorgeous. It's busier in the evening during the summer and the weekend evenings include a large, younger, louder crowd.

About This Day

With the majestic Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains visible from everywhere, a Golden Gardens beach day is one of serenity that will not be forgotten - neither in your travel memories nor those of the kids. It is one of our most favorite Seattle day trips for families and we head to Golden Gardens Park frequently! Enjoy beautiful views, splashing water, watching boats and kite surfers, swinging, walking, sliding, sand castle building and everything in between. Kids can play freely, make new friends (as there are always other families on the beach) and are able to exercise their creativity out in nature. After a fun morning at Golden Gardens beach, head to Un Bien, which offers a Caribbean smorgasbord of juicy sandwiches.
Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens Park

8498 Seaview Place Northwest, Seattle
BathroomStroller friendlyWheelchair friendlyFree parking
Golden Gardens Park beach is a stunningly sweet spot for families. The majestic Olympic Mountains are visible from everywhere on the beach. As it is part of Puget Sound, there are no large waves, so less-mobile children can sit and play at the water's edge. It is also shallow for quite a while, so older kids can play further out in the water. Bathrooms are nearby and a large playground offers activities for kids of all ages. Multiple volleyball nets are also set up for any wanting to play - free of charge! A consignment store offers coffee and snacks, while just down the block is Little Coney, where you can grab hot dogs, ice cream cones, and shakes. Many people moor their boats at Golden Gardens so there are lots of boats to check out. Little train lovers will also enjoy the trains that frequently run along the tracks above the beach and are visible, and audible to all below. A short walk towards the North end of the park reveals a wetland, shade and cooler weather.
DIRECTIONS Driving is best; follow Market Street (in Ballard) West, until you dead-end at the beach (follow the road to the left when you see Taco Time). Those who take the 45 bus ($2.50, no change returned) will have a mile walk through the park to the beach.
TIP Fire pits are unlocked at 4 p.m. for anyone who brings wood - they do fill up quickly. It would be best to reserve them early. Picnic tables and standing grills (bring your charcoal) also fill up fast. Ballard Surf (just up the street) offers wetsuit rentals to those who need them, as well as paddle boards for those who hope to get out on the water.
Un Bien

Un Bien

6226 Seaview Avenue Northwest, Seattle
Stroller friendlyWheelchair friendlyFree parking
Un Bien serves up delicious and fully loaded Caribbean sandwiches. Our favorite sandwiches are the pulled pork and the prawn, which are juicy, filling and mouth-watering. All entrees come with rice, their famous housemade beans and a salad with vinaigrette. All sandwiches come topped with caramelized onions, pickled jalapenos and more!
DIRECTIONS Drive from the beach about 2 minutes until you see the bright pink building on your left with picnic tables out front.
TIP The restaurant is a tiny building with seating out front. The line can be long at rush hours, but it’s worth the wait.

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