A Family River Walk in Yangshuo A Family River Walk in Yangshuo
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Yulong River WalkBathroomStroller friendly

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat RestaurantBathroomStroller friendlyKid’s menuHigh chairRainy-day option

nugget’s Advice

Prepare in advance
Prepare in advance

Bring snacks and good walking shoes. If you stay at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat or another place along the Yulong River, you can just leave from your hotel. Otherwise, grab a cab and get dropped off at the river and begin your walk.

Good to know
Good to know

It is possible to rent bikes if you are staying at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat or walk. We walked due to the different riding abilities of our children. The path would be fine for a stroller.

Recommended day/time
Recommended day/time

In the morning, the path is more serene and mist often hangs over the surrounding mountains. For mid-afternoon walks that end around sunset, Yangshuo Mountain Retreat's outdoor dining area is an ideal location to unwind.

Recommended time of the year
Recommended time of the year

Yangshuo is mild in winter, fall and spring. Most would find it hot during the summertime.

Save Money
Save Money

If you are dining at the restaurant, order entrees family style with a pot of rice and share amongst family members.

About This Day

The areas around the Li and Yulong Rivers are some of the most iconic in China, painted for generations by artists using ink on scrolls. This single day itinerary for experiencing the beauty of Yangshuo with kids offers a lovely contrast to the frenetic pace of the city. There is space for kids to run around and plenty of mountain landscape to enjoy. The Yulong River Walk is a great way to take in nature, see farmland and try to spot water buffalo doing their daily work. The scenery is breathtaking and inspires even the most amateur of photographers, especially in the early morning or the evening at dusk. When you are tired of walking, take a river raft back to the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat. Its restaurant is the perfect place to end your day, relax and soak up more of the magical scenery.
Yulong River Walk
BathroomStroller friendly
This area of China boasts some of the most unique and breathtaking landscapes. The scenery has been painted by traditional scroll painters for generations. The Yulong River Walk is an excellent family adventure that allows the kids to run around without worrying about traffic. It’s also completely free. During the walk you’ll very likely see a water buffalo doing its daily work as you wind through the countryside of China. There are bathrooms and places to buy snacks at different points on the path. Due to its beauty and unparalleled landscape, many couples come to this spot to take their wedding photographs, our children enjoyed observing the brides and grooms and the entourage that comes with Chinese wedding photography.
DIRECTIONS Begin at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat. If you are not staying at the retreat have your hotel call a cab to drop you off at the retreat. Once you arrive at the retreat, you will be dropped off in a parking area. Looking at the river from the parking area, head right on the path along the river. Follow as long as you desire. The entire length of the trail is about 6 km (3.75 miles).
TIP If it works for your family, walk one way and then hire a river raft to return back to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat for a meal. At various points, you will see groups of rafts waiting for customers. We would have done this, but it wasn't practical based on our parent to child ratio and the kids' ages and needs.
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Restaurant

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Restaurant

Unnamed Road, Longsheng
BathroomStroller friendlyKid’s menuHigh chairRainy-day option
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat has a great restaurant with riverside dining. It's a stunning place to relax in the beautiful karst mountain scenery. It has a wide variety of Chinese and Western dishes and also serves beer and wine. The kids loved being able to run around in the grass and watch all the rafts floating by. Additionally, there is a charming dining area inside and in the cooler months a cozy fireplace with seating.
DIRECTIONS Retrace your path on the Yulong River Walk back to the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat or catch a ride back on a raft.
TIP If you order water, it will come hot and in a teapot with cute little cups. The kids loved it. Ordering family style is the way to go, with a big pot of rice. Sweet and sour pork and spring rolls were winners with our kids as well as cookies and ginger tea.
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Rollaway bedFree Wi-FiRoom service
WE LOVEDYangshuo Mountain Retreat is a gorgeous option for lodging. It is located outside of Yangshuo town, thereby offering a relaxing atmosphere on top of its great food and lovely scenery. The retreat has many unique experiences to choose from, e.g. Fan painting, as well as offering other amenities like laundry service and bike rental.
TIPThe retreat was flexible about the number of people that we had in the Riverview Suite with terrace.
STAYED18 December, 2016 with 9 month old, 5 year old, 7 year old, 9 year old, 11 year old

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