Amsterdam Boat Tour & NEMO Science Museum
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Full Day 2-5 yrs old Includes boat ride Includes boat ride

Beautiful canal views of Amsterdam, Interesting history and overview of Amsterdam from canal boat guide, Beautiful skyline views of Amsterdam from NEMO rooftop, Exciting hands-on science and technology from NEMO Museum, Riding on a boat, Seeing baby birds in a nest along the canal, The hands-on exhibits at the NEMO Science Museum, Walking over all the bridges in Amsterdam

At George Washington’s Mount Vernon with Kids
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Full Day 1-4 yrs old History buffs History buffs

Incredible piece of United States history, Unique information from guides in mansion tour, Beautiful gardens and grounds, Unique view of Mount Vernon from the Potomac River Cruise, Extensive gift shop with unique gifts and antiques, Hands-On-History Center in the Education Center, George Washington's teeth on display, Running on the lawn in front of the mansion, Riding on the boat, Meeting people from George Washington's time all around the estate