Norway with Kids: Adventure on The Island of Karmøy

Full Day 1-12 yrs old Requires car Requires car

History of the birthplace of Norway, Wooden houses of Skudeneshavn, Picnic in Skudeneshavn, Magnificent white-sand beaches, Dressing up as a Viking, Viking handicrafts and games, Waffles at the Norwegian History Centre, Climbing on a huge anchor, Snorkelling and playing on beaches

Nugget Staffpick
Kid-friendly Highlights of Denmark’s North Jutland

Full Day 4-12 yrs old Nature lovers Nature lovers

Watching nature take over at the lighthouse, The incredible light reflecting off the sea and dunes, Engaging family-friendly experiences at the Oceanarium, Delicious lunch at the Oceanarium, Running freely on the huge sand dunes, Flying a kite, Catching crabs, Admiring the sunfish, The wonderful playgrounds of the Oceanarium