Peace and Madness: Two Temple Visits in Kyoto

Full Day 1-3 yrs old Hike Hike

The peacefulness at Kami Daigo of Daigo-ji Buddhist Temple, The view from the summit of Mt. Daigoyama, No crowds while visiting Kami Daigo, Seeing the incredible Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion), Doing portions of the hike on their own, Playing at the top of Mt. Daigoyama

Kyoto for Kids: Hiking through Fushimi Inari Gates

1/2 Day 1-3 yrs old Hike Hike

Hiking through thousands of torii gates, Sweeping views of the city, Walking a beautiful and peaceful forest, Finding fox (“spirit”) statues in the shrines, Hiking and playing on the many steps, Stopping at the playground

A Kyoto Tour With a Zen Twist

1/2 Day 1-3 yrs old Cultural immersion Cultural immersion

Stunning views of Kyoto from Mt. Daimonji-yama, The beautiful grounds of the Ginkaku-ji Temple, The peaceful feeling of walking along The Philosopher's Path, Playing at the top of Mt. Daimonji-yama, Finding snails along the hiking trail, Eating matcha ice cream while walking The Philosopher’s Path

Arashiyama: A Bamboo Forest and Monkeys

1/2 Day 1 yrs old Nature lovers Nature lovers

Walking through the towering stalks of bamboo, Views of the city from the Monkey Park Iwatayama, Incredible views from Arashiyama Park, Feeding the monkeys, Playing on the playground before seeing the monkeys

Hiking Kurama to Kibune

1/2 Day 1/2 Day 1-3 yrs old Hike Hike

Interesting shrines and temples along the way, Pretty colours of the maple trees, Hiking through the shady forest, Beautiful views from the top of Kurama-dera Temple, Riding the train to Kurama, Walking portions of the hike on their own